Shopingy: hundreds of brands, one spot

We introduce Shopingy a search engine that greatly facilitates shopping in all major cities world round.

What is Shopingy for?

Simply find the most convenient or nearest store in any city based on brands you look for.

How does it work?

Enter the brands you search for andShopingywill pick the best place for your shopping. For example, do you want to buy Adidas sneakers, a H&M T-shirt and have a coffee at Starbucks without having to run around half of the city?Shopingy will recommends where to find these brands all in one place .

The search engine makes it easy to find your way around both in the city and in large shopping centers and significantly saves your time.

It offers a full overview of brands available in the city and allows advanced search using filters used in e-shops.

For whom is Shopingy meant?

For all of those who travel a lot and love shopping . It will immediately help you get your bearings in a new city and find your favorite brands fast.
If on the other hand shopping is a pain for you,Shopingywill help shorten your shopping time considerably.

There is a saying : "Be the first penguin in the water," referring to the brave first penguin entering the water potentially full of predators [to protect other penguins in his group]. And that is just what Pingy, the mascot of theShopingysearch engine, is: the first penguin in shopping.

Thanks to the extensive brand and store database Pingy assembled in individual cities, shopping is made much easier for everyone else.

Do not hesitate to follow Pingy the penguin!

What is Shopingy